Leprechaun Bait
Leprechaun Bait
Leprechaun Bait
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Leprechaun Bait

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Introducing our Custom Leprechaun Bait, the ultimate lure for catching those sneaky little green guys! The card is personalized with your kiddos names for extra whimsical fun! This magical concoction is crafted with a blend of whimsy and wonder, designed to entice even the most cunning leprechauns out of hiding and into your home.

Each bottle of Leprechaun Bait is filled with a delightful medley of Lucky Charms, reminiscent of the treasures said to be guarded by these mischievous creatures at the end of the rainbow. Golden sprinkles add an extra touch of allure, shimmering like precious gold coins.

To use Leprechaun Bait, simply sprinkle it leading up to your Leprechaun trap, lawn, table, or floor creating an irresistible trail that no leprechaun can resist. Whether you're hoping to catch one for their legendary pots of gold or simply to share in their magical company, Leprechaun Bait is best bet!

Additional Details

  • This is made with all edible products including Lucky Charms, and gold sprinkles, so it is safe to place inside or outside. 
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